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Bethel Bible Series.

ACEF Australia celebrates 45years, in 2022, providing The Bethel Bible Series to Australian and New Zealand churches.

After negotiating our license agreement with ACEF US we are pleased to announce a new, easier to read, crisper and more up to version is now available.


We are excited at the vision this provides along with 6 other courses that are designed to assist churches develop deep foundations that produce healthy fruit.


 I would love to provide sample lessons, chat about teacher training and the range of material we have available that utilises the technology of today.

I will be conducting Zoom lessons, starting early February.

One will be mid week evening and the other Saturday mornings.

So you can join in either as a group or an individual.

Churches and Groups can become affiliated, we provided teacher support, training and fellowshi

Feel  free to contact me and we can work out which mode of delivery best suits your situation.

Blessed to be a blessing,


Paul Warren

Paul Warren (Executive Director - ACEF Australia)

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