About the Bethel Bible Series.



May I take this opportunity to extend to you warm greetings from the Adult Christian Education Foundation Australia. I write to encourage you, to take a few moments of your precious time to think about using the Bethel Bible Study Programme within your church community as you continue to study the Scriptures.

The Bethel Bible Course is recognized by many Australian denominations. It continues to be studied locally and internationally. Many thousands of Christians, over recent years, have completed the Bethel Bible Study Series and journeyed on into mission and evangelism with great enthusiasm within the life of their church community and beyond.


The Australia Bethel study material has been recently revised with every Unit, (of which there are eight), in the Course, now have a Teacher’s Support Unit. Currently our Foundation is revising other Lay Leadership training programmes produced by ACEF Australia and perhaps you may be interested in these programmes. If so please contact our office.


Please note that each of the eight Bethel Study Units consists of 7 lessons making a total of 56 lessons. (In a typical church community it would take about 18 months to 2 years to complete both the Old Testament and the New Testament units depending upon the local church activities.)


All the Bethel Bible Series materials are obtain through ACEFA’s production office in Bundaberg.        ACEF Australia tries very hard to keep the costs as low as possible. ACEFA believes this is a special ministry to all church members of the wider Christian Church. Currently the Teacher’s Units cost $24 per unit and the Students units are $21.50 per unit. Please note there is additional cost for postage to send the material to your nominated address. (We usually send the invoice separately for convenience of both church communities and ACEFA’s administration.)


Our office can supplied the white (4) D clip folders for the Bethel study materials, however to save on extra postage costs we now suggest class teachers buy folders locally from Office Works or a similar stationery supplier. (Over the course of the Bethel programme you will need to have four folders for each student. Due to the size of the “Teacher’s Resources” we recommend one folder for each unit of the course.)


 You may be interested to know that recently ACEFA made some advancement into the electronic age. We are currently “experimenting” with this method of supplying Bethel materials. In this past year some of our teachers have worked with this method of receiving Bethel materials for their students.

Briefly, this involves the “class teacher” taking personal responsibility to download the relevant copy of the current unit being studied by the class. Students who are registered to have their notes supplied by electronic means are licenced to place their current unit of study on their personal IPad or Laptop. (Due to copyright conditions there are certain regulations put into place.) If you are interested in this method of teaching the Bethel Bible Series with your students I would be delighted to discuss more about this opportunity directly with you.


Currently the general practice for most churches is that Bethel Bible Study Notes are sent from our production office in Bundaberg at the cost of $21.50 per unit per student plus extra for postage. (The student’s registration fee is covered within that cost structure.) Likewise, the Teacher’s units cost $24.00 per unit plus extra for postage. (Credited Bethel Teachers are not charged a registration fee we greatly appreciate our teachers and this way we can thank them for all their work and time put into preparation of each lesson. Also teachers can hold as many classes they wish to enable the Bethel Course to be taught within the local congregation or wider community.)


NB. Other information about Lay Leadership Courses produced by ACEF Australia can be obtained by contacting our office.


If you would like to have more details particularly about the Bethel Bible Course or the formation of classes in your church community then I will be very pleased to personally talk with you.  I would also like the opportunity to come and meet with you and share about more about the presentation of Bethel lessons and our recommend some methods of teaching the Bethel Programme from past experiences of Bethel Teachers.


Sometimes, church ministers or leaders have made inquiries re the permission for another member of the congregation to be the class teacher. This is most acceptable providing that person has some supporting background in Biblical Studies at a Bible College or Theological Institution. We also maintain that the nominated teacher is responsible to the local pastor or minister of the congregation. In this instance we would like to make a visit and spend time helping the nominated person to be a Bethel Teacher.


Thank you for taking the time to read my letter and allowing me the opportunity to share with you about Bethel Bible Study Programme. The Bethel Course has been a well-used as an acceptable course of Biblical Studies around the world.                          Finally, may I inform you that there are three Certificates awarded by ACEF Australia for the Bethel Bible Studies.  The Foundation also presents Certificates of Recognition for students who complete any of the ACEFA courses.

In the Bethel Course Certificates are presented to achievers of the Old Testament or the New Testaments studies. For those students who complete the whole Bethel Course they receive a "Certificate in Biblical Studies".

Please contact me by phone or email if you wish to have further information about starting a Bethel Class in your church soon.


Blessed to be a blessing,


Paul Warren

Paul Warren (National Director - Bethel Australia, New Zealand and The Pacific)