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Many teachers and students have shared testimonies that the Bible Bible Series works for them because the Programme is planned at the educational standards of adults who have moved away from academic studies for some time. Adults are excited to learn together and from each other particularly when the study programme enables them to reall, remember and enjoy reading. The main text book for the Bethel Bible Series is the BIBLE ITSELF!


Bethel Bible Series works because of many factors:


  • Discipline learning is welcomed by congregational members

  • Classroom setting takes Biblical education seriously

  • Students master one lesson at a time (The Mastery Level System of Adult Learning)

  • Some reading at home is required that enables reinforcement of the lesson

  • Large pictures in the study notes ties in with the theme of each lesson

  • Teachers are resourced to enable regular review of lessons to raise retention

  • Lesson content helps students to have the ability to pinpoint Biblical events and stories with outstanding accuracy


The Bethel Series takes seriously:



                                                            2 Timothy 2 verse 2: "You have often heard me teach. Now I want you to tell these same  

                                                                                                   things to followers who can be trusted to tell others!"




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