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Information about Bethel Bible Series



The Bethel Bible Series is the natural starting point to an understanding of the Scriptures, because it is a step-by-step "overview" progression which starts at the book of Genesis, proceeds methodically to the book of Malachi in the Old Testament, covers the hitherto silent era of the 'Inter-testamental Period', then journeys through the New Testament from Matthew's Gospel to the book of Revelation.


The Bethel Bible Series was deliberately designed to provide the average church member with an enjoyable learning experience because it is pitched within their comprehension ceilings. This is why the Bethel Bible Series should be the 'first port of call' in any person's quest to understand the Scriptures.


The Bethel Bible Series remains one of the best church orientated programme that has popularised Bible study that multiple classes are often required to satisfy the demand. This can be met in local church communities because the classes are able to be conducted by Bethel trained teachers who have been initially taught by their own minister or pastor.


The Bethel Bible Series continues to be sought by churches in Australia and New Zealand because this unique study programme is a springboard from which the laity in church communities can dive into the Scriptures. Once a person has studied the Bethel overview of the Scriptures, which Bethel Bible Series provides, further random in-depth studies became even more meaningful!


It has been the experience of many churches across denominations that their faith communities become effective ministers of the gospel having had their congregation members graduating from the Bethel Bible Series. Those students who do graduate from the Bethel Bible Study Programme receive certificates at various stages of learning. Upon completion of the entire Bethel Bible Series the student is awarded the 'Certificate in Biblical Studies' from the Adult Christian Education Foundation. 

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