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A majority of Australian Churches have a number of problems when it comes to long term Church Health and Church Growth. Mainly there is the need for church attenders and visitors to have a solid knowledge of the Bible (The Holy Scriptures). Many pastors and church leaders are trying to solve this long term problem of Biblical illiteracy with the latest “quick fix” Bible teaching programme.

During the seventies and eighties (and into the nineties) hundreds of churches of every denomination, shape and size, around Australia and overseas introduced the biblical literacy program known as “The Bethel Bible Study Series” to their churches and thousands of Australian Christians all over the country completed the one to two year program (depending on the local church’s yearly programme). Today many congregations are making good progress with this resource.

As a result of having graduates from the Bethel Bible Studies many congregations went on to provide further in-depth lay training in areas of relational evangelism, pastoral care, small group leadership and other areas of lay ministry that would enable their people to work with the pastor or minister in the development of healthy growing congregations that were not over dependent on the pastor or minister to do everything and be everything that was needed. Many Bethel graduates also went on to teach other members of their congregation with the same course that had changed their lives and ministries as a Christian.

We are so pleased to announce that The Bethel Bible Series is still available for people today! The Adult Christian Education Foundation (ACEF Australia) is still helping congregations to introduce this special course and other training programs for their people. Not only is the Bethel Course still available - over recent years the course has been revised and expanded. The Australian Bethel Edition has been created and is making exciting contributions to the formation of congregational leaders for mission around Australia and overseas.

Adult Christian Education Australia is a non-profit organization that solely exists to assist and resource Pastors, Ministers and other Congregational Leaders who accept the need that their congregations need to form and equip their people so that they will be ministers as well as worshipping members.

Please take the time now to contact us and learn how ACEF- Australia can help and encourage you and your congregation to grow in Biblical literacy and equip your congregation for growth, ministry and mission. Take time to make inquiries about introducing the Bethel Bible Series to your congregation.

Also you may like to support our mission to encourage Church Growth by Biblical Literacy by making a donation to the Adult Christian Education Foundation Australia.

Contact Details:

Reverend Dr Conrad Parson

Adult Christian Education Foundation Australia

Mobile: 0437082899


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